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With a free expert appraisal from us, whether in-person or virtually meeting, well help you understand exactly whats involved in getting the best price possible for your property.

Ready to find out what your
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Your appraisal will contain a detailed information of your property’s size, location, how it compares to similar local properties, valuation, and much more.


Get a better understanding of where your property stands in the current market today. Simply fill in your details below and your local R Property expert will be in contact shortly.

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    What will we assess in your free appraisal?

    Property detail

    A full assessment of your property (including the size and condition of the property, key selling features, number of bedrooms and bathrooms,.).



    An assessment of your property’s location, its proximity to local attractions, nearby amenities and potential buyer appeal.


    Market Conditions

    An analysis of current market trends, the performance of similar properties that have recently sold in the area, and valuation of you property.

    3 simple steps to organise your free appraisal

    Whether it’s in-person or virtually via a video call meeting, our local expert agents make it simple to find out your property’s worth.

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    Serving the community since 2012…

    We’re Bali’s most trusted real estate brand for a reason

    We’ve held our reputation as one of the most trusted real estate agency for over 10 years.


    We’re proud to have an outstanding history serving the Bali community since we opened our doors in 2012.


    Our team of sales experts are committed to delivering exceptional customer service, which is why we’re considered the best in our field.

    Our transparent and stress free approach

    Our aim is to guarantee the highest standard of service to ensure your sales process is as easy, transparent and stress free as possible, and that you receive the best possible price for your property.

    Gain Peace of Mind Knowing You’re
    Working with The Top Performing
    Agency in Bali

    When selling, it’s extremely important you work with a reputable agency you can trust to get you the best price. Someone you know will work as hard as they can to get you every last dollar. That’s exacrly what you get from R Property.


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    Your Sales Agent
    Negotiates The Highest
    Price As Possible And Keeps
    You Informed At Every Step

    If you’ve ever sold a property before, you know how critical timely information is. You need to know exactly what’s happening – how many people attended your open for inspection, how many qualified buyers are interested and what offers are on the table.


    Your R Property agent will keep you updated as things happen so you are always armed with the information you need to make the right decision. And when your offers come in, we will expertly negotiate the price as high as possible using our strategy so you get the maximum result.

    Don’t Sit Idle While Your
    Property Loses Value Each Month –

    Act Now And Seize The Opportunity!

    If your property is vacant on the long time, you will miss chance and lost money over time. You need to act now to crystallise any capital gain you have made and limit further losses.


    If you want to move up to a more prestigious home or upsize to get a bigger space for your family – now is the perfect time. Speak to us today to make this dream a reality.

    4 Easy Steps to Sell Your
    Property for Top Dollar

    1. Claim Your Free 30-Minute Consultation

    We will sit down with you and discuss the details of your property and perform a free appraisal.

    2. You Approve The Details in Our Proposal

    After our meeting you can start to apprive, and we will do all the jobs.

    3. Market Your Property on All Our Channels

    We will begin as soon as you give the green light – we will organise professional real estate photography, videography, upload online listings, contact our database and schedule all your opens.

    4. Negotiate The Highest Sale Price for You

    Your agent will use expert techniques to spark competition and negotiate you the maximum sale price.

    Get started on selling your

    property with a free property appraisal

    from R Property


    Do you have to sell and then buy the property, or buy the property first and then sell it? It can be difficult to time sales and purchases optimally. However, there is a solution to overcome the potential timing issues. For example, one of the things that is often encountered is finding a preferred property before the property you own sells on the market. In this case you may not have the funds ready to make a quick purchase before other buyers do. The solution is to use a loan from a bank to make a purchase.

    We combine conventional and digital promotions. We use various strategies ranging from: social media marketing, social media advertising, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, hiring professional real estate photographers & videographers, and more. Your property agent will take every strategy to ensure your property gets maximum exposure.

    If you want to sell your property but you don't know how much it is worth now, then we can help you through our free property appraisal program. This free consultation will give you an idea of what the best price for your property is.

    Appraisals can now be made through video meetings such as Zoom or Google Meet. Or you can also choose a free consultation through face-to-face meetings.

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    R Property do not provide property valuations, R Property may however provide property appraisals. In the event you wish to obtain a property valuation, or more information on the difference between a property valuation and a property appraisal, we recommend you seek your own independent advice.

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